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We invite you to take a look around our shops, see one of the finest collections of malts in the North East of Scotland and browse through our selection of over 500 miniatures We have at least 30 different cheeses at the Deli counter and we stock many fine Scottish speciality foods

Speciality foods and drink on Royal Deeside
Long before health foods were ever heard of, the traditional oatcake was a staple part of the Highland diet. Today, this high fibre product is still as wholesome and full of flavour as ever, and Walkers oatcakes remain a perennial favourite in all their varieties - Highland, Fine, Cocktail or Triangles.
Stag Bakeries
Outer Hebrides

Stag Bakeries we have kept the best of the past and married that to modern baking methods. The result is an oatcake that is steeped in tradition and rich in flavour, from a recipe that has been refined and balanced over the years, now to be enjoyed by a wider population.

Stockans Oatcakes Ltd
Stromness Orkney
We are the premier oatcake company in Scotland - our oatcakes are wholesome, nutritious with no additives or preservatives and come in a variety of shapes, flavours or even gift boxes and tins!
Land of Macbeth Biscuits
Since time and memorial, Oatcakes have always been an important part of Scottish cuisine, from Lairds castles' to humble moorland crofts.
The Maclean familys' Highland routes have inspired this recipe, which uses course milled Scottish oatmeal to provide its "nutty" flavour and distinctive texture.

Walls Bakery
Shetland Islands

Triangular oatcakes made from the finest ingredients and baked to perfection by craft bakers.
Nairn's Oatcakes
Baked to a long standing traditional recipe with plenty of rough oatmeal, these are full of the toasted oat flavour of good quality Conservation Grade Oats